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Feel free to Bookmark this page as this will be your source of information throughout our beautiful journey together. In this page you will find all the information and knowledge you need in your real estate business!


Production - 500 Milestone

I'm Kendra, a top real estate broker for over 20 years.

And being a top broker isn't just about me--- It's about being able to provide you with the service and support you deserve, through my leadership and innovation.

You will have the freedom and control you desire in order to have a more fulfilled life with less stress and more security. You'll make money while living your lifestyle.

Generation Wealth

I'm going to tell you about the opportunity of a lifetime.

You don't need to be an expert to join. I will work with you to make sure you have the best life possible. Join us and see your success grow exponentially and sustainable.

Sign up to "Kendra Pack's Mastermind Session"

to learn how to be a better Real Estate Agent and what it takes to be a successful one.

"Together, we can change the game and be part of the revolution."

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KvCORE Training

  • The 3 Most Important Steps to Getting Started with kvCORE

  • How to Immediately Begin Generating Leads!

  • High Level Overview of kvCORE

KvCORE Done-For-You

We've partnered with some of the best kvCORE service providers around to give our group exclusive access to a DONE FOR YOU Setup and kvCORE Training Package.

Real Estate Training

Business Mastery

  • Business Blueprint : Learn how to create realistic and attainable goals and build your real estate roadmap.

  • Mindset Mastery: Develop a growth mindset by facing your desired outcomes and fears, and learning how to tackle these by utilizing mindset hacks.

  • Time Management: Create daily habits to skyrocket your productivity, leverage your time, and implement income-based planning.

Sales Mastery

  • Lead Generation: Learn how to locate high converting buyer and seller leads who will help you close short term sales & build a long term referral-based business.

  • Lead Nurture: Discover the top methods used by the pros to keep your leads warm through proven follow-up strategies and resources.

  • Lead Conversion: Increase your closing rates by 25% - 50% with our buyer and seller conversion tools. Never be afraid of not knowing what to say, or losing a valuable opportunity again.

Attract More Agents!

Grow your organization with An

All-in-One Recruiting Platform!


Training Calendars

Access Over 50+ Hours per week of LIVE training that eXp Realty hosts in eXp World! You can also find information regarding your Monthly State Broker Meeting on this Calendar!

About Anthony Camilleri - Affinity Group

Tony is respected as a top real estate agent as well as a leader in the credit repair industry. He has helped many families buy/sell their homes. He has also been recognized as a premier team builder that has helped Real Estate agents achieve higher income levels.

With a background in business, Noelle went on to obtain her law degree from William Mitchell College of law. She practiced in real estate related matters before starting her family. Simultaneously, she owned an award-winning, published photography business.

Her attention to detail and eye for property, along with her legal know-how, make her the perfect advocate for any real estate transaction.

About Kendra Pack- Affinity Group

Kendra Pack is dynamic in bringing out the best in people. She ran a successful brokerage firm for 20 years, and life got in the way.

After surviving the housing market crash, losing 70% of the bank REO (Real Estate Owned) business, taking care of her Ill husband, and coming out of depression, the real estate market just wasn't the same. Kendra added other financial services

to supplement her real estate career to try to elevate herself, then she discovered personal development.

"I was the broker who was the brokest! But once I discovered how my mindset and personal development were the keys to success, I wanted to tell the world." This led her on the path of a new real estate journey.

In a rejuvenated space, she found a home in eXp Realty; "It offered a level of liberation that helped me remove components of the job I didn’t want to do while empowering me with tools and resources to thrive. I was truly grateful that I was now a part of such a great company. With money, time and a new level of freedom, I can coach others to discover the blind spots holding them back."

If you're looking to grow in real estate, join a team that can help you dominate your real estate career inside and out.

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